Pressure and Pinterest 

I do this to myself every time!!

Being a new mom comes a set of new problems… Diapers, potty training, eating enough? Not enough, possible food allergies, worry, ear infections, germs, daycare, discipline, parenting style, Runny noses, bumps and bruises, walking, talking, the list goes on #foreverandever and then there’s this new thing: BIRTHDAY PARTIES

Where do I even begin? First things first, who invented Pinterest? Yeah, you, ok I have to admit that I really can’t live without Pinterest #inspiration, but over time I have developed  a love/hate relationship  with this app. 

I discovered it during maternity leave and it was #loveatfirstpin. What a genius idea! Then it became too much, I would spend the entire nap time on it and then I broke up with Pinterest #itsnotyouitsme.  But then I was back!! As my daughter was turning ONE and of course I had to throw an epic theme party #duh

The problem for me is that once you click on something and pin it to your board you keep finding more and more and drift off to something else and the #grassisgreener syndrome starts..what if I find something better, more original and different and then after hours of this , you realize you are wasting your time going nowhere and nothing gets done #storyofmylife

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After realizing this and running out of time, I decided to just do color themes and one thing. I did I cupcakes and confetti theme. Colours were pink and purple and cupcakes everything it turned out ok, nothing like Pinterest that’s for sure, because who has time and energy to DIY everything. As a full time working mom I certainly don’t have both. This brought up the question: why do moms of this generation strive for the perfect theme with every little hand made detail to color coordinate and match? Does your kid even know the difference? 

This generation focuses way too much on things like this and I am victim of this phenomenon. It’s like we are all competing to have the best photographed party. #digitallife. I think we do it to impress other adults, sure kids like it, but I don’t it changes their life. 

I was an 80’s kid and there was none of that. Moms were stay at home type and they made you a Betty Crocker cake decorated with a few sprinkles and candles, a few streamers and balloons did the trick, birthday hats and a couple of pin the tail on the donkey games. That’s it. No fancy candy stations, mile high fondant themed cakes and entertainment coming to your house. I don’t know why it has all changed. 

Anyway, my daughter is about to turn TWO and guess where I have been spending my free time? Ugh! I can’t help it, this year black, white, pink and teal and a certain mouse eared character. And I wanted to make it smaller , but I realized I can’t. 

She now has friends #daycare or my friends have kids and as for family, just the immediate fam is like 15 people, and then I invite 1 person, I have to invite the other and so on. #thereisnoend. what’s my guilt this year? I feel like I have invited way too many people and I can’t un-invite them. #firstworldproblems. 

It’s a catch 22. Either I make it small and then people complain that I didn’t invite so and so or invite everybody and then there is too many people. I have to pick my battles and I’m letting this one go. 

In the end, I must remember that this birthday party is not about having the most designed coordinated pretty party nor about a big or small guest list; it’s about celebrating my daughters second year of life. To you C, happy birthday darling!

Rosy P xx


How I got here

What happens when you find your passion? Here’s my story

First off, let me tell you it took me years and years to have this A-ha moment and when I did, suddenly everything became crystal clear, so clear that I didn’t understand how I missed it?

Starting in my early twenties, I tried a bunch of different programs in college, from Visual arts to Interior decorating to end up graduating in Fashion Marketing. Ever since little, I always knew I was artistic and my dream was to be a fashion designer in Haute couture house in Paris #goals

As reality set in, my choices became more “safe” in order to make it the industry.  Today, I am (kinda) doing what I wanted, but realized there is something big missing in my life.  To my sadness, I noticed that I had stopped drawing, painting, crafting and writing .  This is why my fire was extinguished.  #sadface I got pregnant was off on maternity for a year and left with so much time to think as I took care of my young baby.  Being on maternity is by no means a vacation, but a time to slow down to match baby’s rhythm and  a lot of thinking goes on.  Especially if you’re an introvert like me; it puts a lot of things in perspective.  I have to admit, when the maternity was coming to and end, I was happy to go back to work; felt a bit of a zombie though.  You know the drill: daycare drop-off-traffic-work-traffic-supper-bath-bedtime= I’m exhausted! By the time the baby is in bed (if they sleep well); I was so mentally drained, that I just wanted to zone out on Facebook or TV #nolife

After months of this, I felt depleted and not myself.  I started coloring again #thankyoudaughter, I met someone, who became my friend, this person has inspired me and truly believe that you need to follow our dreams and do what you want in life, otherwise you will NEVER be happy.  This really struck a chord with me and gave me the tiny bit of energy to look into figuring this void that was missing.

I was determined to figure it out, as a Scorpio with an investigative nature.  I was reading all kinds of articles, books, The Element by Ken Robinson really helped.  One day, I decided to let it go, when I would be ready, my truth will find me and it did.

I always loved to write; I am by no means a writer; I  write from the heart;  usually my best comes when I am emotional and it just comes to me #watchout.   I often wake up in the middle of the night with a whole concept for a book; but I feel that I always take the lower road because I don’t believe in myself that way.  You see, I am shy, introverted and writing is not my forte/expertise. The night waking tells me that it lights me up..

“Greatness begins beyond your comfort zone” -Robin Sharma

I decided to start a BLOG after realizing theses things:

  • I LOVE writing
  • I enjoy researching a topic that interests me and sharing tips
  • I yearn to live a positive, mindful and passionate life, you see as an introvert, people just think I’m the quiet one; but I am so bubbly and fun inside (ask those who really know me)
  • What makes me passionate is to connect with people and  share my insights in the things that I hold dear to my heart: family, home, travel, fashion, decor, architecture, spiritual stuff, and wine
  • And in the end, if I could help, inspire, entertain anyone, it makes me happy 🙂

Today, I decide to see life through rose-colored glasses and open up my soul and do what I love.  Even if it doesn’t work out; I will have tried and done something that makes me happy

Rosy P xx