Should I stay or should I go

Hello…it’s me

I’ve been wondering…about my path- it shall be rosy #butofcourse; however I am currently stuck at an intersection and it scares the ūüí© out of me .

You see as mentioned previously sine maternity leave or my return from it- I have been on a crazy train of thoughts and thoughts (and anxiety because of these thoughts) I feel as though I am not in the right place.  I feel like I want/could/should be doing something more creative and because of big old buddy called FEAR , I am just not doing anything about it.

Change is scary, I feel as thought I could always say the right thing and quote all of these” change your life, follow your heart kind of things”, but right now; I am all talk no action and that is not me. ¬†I am playing it safe; I am afraid…and I have a mortgage to pay for.

The other day, out of the blue and nowhere, somehow I saw this amazing DREAM job offer and my heart got so lit up, as if I had butterflies in my heart. ¬†I thought to myself, this is what I have been waiting for and the butterflies feeling must be my soul’s way of saying this is it- follow this path and chase that dream. ¬†the soul wants what the soul wants- but it is human nature- to think rationally with our head and then the doubt and fear start to kick in. ¬†What if I am not good? What if it is the wrong choice? What if it leads to nothing and then i end up on un-employment?If we never take risks; we will never know, right?

It is a very creative job (a designer) and I believe it is a melting pot of all of my education, experiences and passion; I would be crazy to not even try. ¬†What do I really have to lose; the worse that can happen is that I won’t get selected for an interview. AT least, I will have proven to myself, to trust my instinct and that I could fight my fears. ¬†<<
that night, half excited and terrified, I go to bed asking the universe to just give me a sign if this is the right path for me.

The very next day, I leave work early as I have an appointment for a massage (yes, once in a while, I take time for me) and I hear a familiar voice as I get to this new place for the first time. ¬†It is my energy coach/reiki healer. ¬†Hmmm. what a coincidence- I think this is a synchronicity- because of all the healing she has done for me- she always reminds me to take care of myself and follow what my soul wants. ¬†She reminds me to meditate and listen to my inner child and soul for the true answers. ¬†Bumping into her; reminds me that I must follow my “creative path”. ¬†Ok, and now sign #2 is quite obvious…<<
is morning, I go check my instagram @therosypath and guess who started following my account; the one and only company that is offering this dream job…hmmm…synchronicity much

Thank you universe, time to work on my cover letter…

And you, what do you do when you need to make a choice , a decision?

Do you rely on signs and synchronicities, trust your intuition, the universe?


Rosy P