Take care momma

The other day I had a huge headache on the top of my head and it kind of freaked me out! 

I was later told that it is a bad tension headache because of all the tension I have in my neck from my shoulders to my back that numbs my arms to my pinky fingers. Whoa!! What is going on here!  

I then realized that my body can’t take it anymore! It is reacting physically to all my stress and tensions and emotions stored between my neck and shoulders;  it to mention all the toddler lifting I’ve been doing for the past 3 years. That’s it! I’m going to take action becasuse I am falling apart. So Back to basics I think to myself, what can I do to make me feel better? 🤔. You see lately these pains being physical and emotional have been making me grumpy pants and exausted and I feel bad for my family. Time to heal momma!

1. Need some calm in my life to quiet my mom-stop anxiety brain: Meditate. There are many free apps available with free guided mediation- and it works! I use OMG I can meditate try it! 5 minutes is all you need

2. I paint my toe nails with  Julep polish. They are 5 free polish and painting my toes is somehow therapeutic and relaxing for me. It allows me to focus on one thing and makes me feel pretty and happy 💅🏼They offer a monthly subscription box to treat yourself. 
3. I decide to start taking magnesium supplement again. It really helps with muscle tensions and spasms along with nerve pain, it helps your metabolism and has a relaxing effect for some. My therapist told me that the medication I take for my GERD depletes my magnesium. So here we go again, this should help. 

4. I treat myself to a 30 minute massage 💆 I specified my pains and my massage therapist targeted rose particularly. Although I am in pain tonight, I know in the long run this is a step closer to healing. I decided to go every week for a month until my problem areas are loosened up. 

All this is just the beginning of healing my tired body. Take good care of yourselves momma

Rosy P



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