Listen and learn 

After spending a nice evening with my husband’s européen family tonight, we came home and I made a comment that sparked something so big in him. All I said was I enjoyed spending time and hanging with his youngest sister. I felt that we had a lot in common. Anyone who would make such a mundane statement would just get a simple polite reply. Not me, oh no! In this case, it was followed by multiple questions: what do you mean? I don’t even know you? What do you have in common? And so on…

Well for starters, Since there is such a big age difference between us (13 years) I only got to really know her since I became a mother, as she has been working in a daycare while getting her education degree at university. She would help me with my daughter and we would chit chat and realize that we had more in common than we thought. I found that out of all the siblings (my husband included) we were more similar. We were more artistic and enjoyed literature and the arts, history and all things intellectual and spiritual. Both reserved and shy, we understood each other’s nature and are somewhat similar. 

I just found out she is going to Paris as a graduation trip and boy I wish I could join her. That has always been my dream! I’m am genuinely super happy for her and wish her well, instead the others are jealous. I don’t understand. She achieved so much by completing her degree and I applaud her. The only one out of four kids. 

Anyway, my other half is saying he doesn’t even know me that way, that I like arts and all. I told him I have been telling him for a decade that I want to go to a museum with him and I tell him about great books and architecture, that I am dyeing to go to Paris as if I belong there and either he never listened or it only registered because he feels a certain fear right now. His fear is his insecurity and there is not much I can do about it because that is his own inner work that needs attention. His fear could be that because we are such opposites that he can be replaced…now with his sister. 

“At first opposites attract, then opposites attack” Rick Warren

Stay true to yourselves,

Rosy Path


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