Let it go

When someone from your past comes back into your life randomly, it always make you pose certain questions. This person to me is not just a regular person, it is someone that has had enormous impact in my life, pretty much a catalyst for my soul awakening.  He probably doesn’t even know that he affected me to this level.

Meeting this person has made me question literally everything in my life even my own self. These types of people are sometimes called soulmates or karmic relationships; and they come into your life for either a reason, a season or a lifetime. Often once their work has been done, the universe finds a way for them to exit your life, whether it’s a break up, a move or a job change. The minute they leave, you will feel a big void, as if a part of you is missing. After a while, your inner work starts and this means mission accomplished #highfive universe. In my case, the work has been going in for almost 2 years, I have figured out so much about my self and what my soul wants. I am slowly becoming who I really am and have lost. I am exploring my inner artistic tendencies and writing. I have always liked writing. My intuition is so much stronger and what a great tool this is. I have done a lot of energetic work which really helped some healing. I am learning more about myself and healing everyday becoming the woman I am ment to be. So thank you Mister catalyst. Although, for a long time I was under the illusion of possibly this person being a soulmate to me, even though the timing was off; today I have decided to let this idea go. Let it go and just be and it feels so good! It’s freeing my mind and now I could focus on myself and give my 100% to my family. You see as an introvert, I tend to live in my head, and my husband doesn’t really “get me” because if this. I do not blame him and I do realize that although we are different, it is up to me and be in the present moment and include him in it. From now on, I will try to live in reality and not in my head. Another milestone for my growth

Take care of yourselves, Rosy P xx


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