Oh Deer!

Tonight I was leaving a Super Bowl party after Lady Gagas performance to put my overtired daughter to sleep; and there it was crossing the median of a remote highway amidst the big fluffy snowflakes…a deer…
It is the first time I really see a deer so close while I am driving; I cannot get this moment out of my mind. It is like time stopped, it was all slow motion stillness and beauty.  And then I realized I had just had an Oh deer moment. Have you ever had an oh deer moment?

Seeing the majestic, innocent deer in the dark of the night with only a subtle light of the opposite cars’ headlights reminded me to take time and enjoy the beauty of the moment.  This moment that seemed to stop time and flood me with thoughts of unconditional love as I showed my already passed out daughter. It made me realize that beauty is in the peace and love that I feel in my heart.  They say that when you see a deer on the side of the road, you are so transfixed by the stillness and beauty that this is the moment that angels get an in and you can speak to them to get answers.  

This breath taking occurance made me question the symbolism of the deer in my life.  The deer is a spirit animal that is associated with peace, protection and beauty.  In my case, with all the cross roads in my life right now, I see a deer crossing the road telling me that change is going to be ok.  It is a lucky omen that brings new paths and opportunities.  I am currently making efforts to help some changes happen in my life, let’s hope that this deer-sighting is a message from the universe to be open for newness coming to me.  

As I sit on my couch writing this, I feel a peaceful yet happy and invigorating energy in my chest.  This is my soul speaking and from past experience, this is telling me that I am on the right path.  

Good night dears 

Rosy P xx


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