An essential discovery for my anxiety

Hi gang, it’s been a little while and I am sorry for that. I haven’t been in such a good place…

I have been completely drained, full of anxiety therefore not really inspired.  You see, I write when I get a burst of creative juices. Something has to inspire me and I get a big hyper rush and then write or do anything else creative.  

Most of my creativity comes to me either in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep or on my morning commute to work. But then reality kicks in and it’s time to work, so goes my ideas out of the widow.  In order not to forgot these, I now keep a tiny notebook in my purse at all times. I put it on my desk in front of me and if an idea sparks, in the notebook book it goes.  This has been a saviour for me, anything goes from thoughts to writing down emotions when I feel overwhelmed, upset or anxious. Gift ideas,  business ideas or even lists.  

So to come back to anxiety, when I had a bad anxiety attack last month; I’m talking chest pains, flu like symptoms and being totally off. I had to do something. So I started guided 5-10 minutes meditations- this really does wonders. Please check out the app: Headspace, it is amazing!! 

I took an appointment with my energy coach to set me back on track, another life saviour, reiki really is my therapy.  But it took a while to get an appointment that worked for me and my insomnia was really getting to me, my husband was concerned and told one of his female colleague.  The next day, she brought him a little roll on glass bottle containing lavender and coconut oil- she wrote a note: for anxiety, rub behind neck and under feet.  

Hey, what do I have to lose, so I did it and WOW😮. I had the best sleep ever!!!! I remember when I was a teen and I would put lavender cream on my hands and take a whiff before dozing off, I guess I had anxiety back then too, but didn’t know it.  

First of all, lavender smells heavenly and it has so many virtues.  It is healing, relaxing and calming, aids sleep, it fights dandruff,  you can clean cuts, good for skin, eczema, rashes and burns, freshens linens and room, etc…This quickly became my go -to quick fix for a good sleep.. I would even bring it with me to work, if the stress became too much, take a sniff of lavender. 

This lavender experience really inspired me… I started looking into essential oils and realized that if you go this way, you will be relaxed, healthy and smell good #nobrainer.  What I noticed is that many oils help with with the mind, many have properties for positive thoughts, relaxing and soothing, clear the mind, help with focus, but most if all help anxiety. Mental health is invisible, so many people don’t pick up on it when there is an issue, but it is there and I do not want to take pills.  Another interesting thing about essential oils is that, you can use them to make anything from cleaning products to hand soap, body butters, soap or even candles.  This brings out the DIYer in me, hehehe…imagine making a product that you know what ingredients go in there, no chemicals, I like that. 

So as my husband asked me what I want for my upcoming birthday next month, #scorpiobaby

I tell him essential,oils and then he just looks at me..🤔. Are you sure? Yes

Really? You don’t want a piece of jewelry? Nope, I want precious essential oils.  We will all benefit from this and I want to try to make some combinations for different ailments, one being your snoring lol! 

Until next time, 

Rosy P



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