A BK kind of day

Stop the car….quick.  We are having a guilt-free toddler -free day today and I am so excited! A whole day of us only kid free #Canigetawootwoot 🙌🏻🙌🏻

My husband and I decided to take a couple days off since we have not taken a summer family vacation. We went away to Cuba with our little in the spring and that was great, but it’s nice to have a few days in the summer as well. Yesterday, we took our little one to the Eco-museum which was fun, my daughter had a blast and it was just enough walking/animal sight seeing for a 2 years old.  Then we visited my parents and she had a blast. But today, off to daycare you go, mommy and daddy are having a real day off lol! No running after you, cleaning up behind you, no food being thrown on the floor, no toys to trip over, etc #ahhh

This is such a teaser that brings me back to life BK #beforekids. Isn’t nice to not have to think of someone else first, just me, myself and my husband. (It’s not a total day off because he’s still around lol 😜) but I will, take it!

And guilt free, we as parents all need, require and deserve a kid free day once in a while. There are so many article out lately promoting self care.  It’s not always easy, but having a  break helps to keep you sane and you are in a better mental shape after. Being a mother is an extremely demanding job emotionally and physically, with no breaks, no sleep for some #ifeelyou and no pay; but the reward is so good that it gives you amnesia about all the hardships when you get that hug or kiss or when you feel so proud that they learned something you taught them #bestjobever

Anyway, let’s come back to having a selfish/kid free day. So what am I doing today?

Sleeping in, haha! Are you crazy #notuntilsheisten. As soon as I drop her off at daycare, I come home and make myself a big cup of freshly brewed coffee and savour it slowly, one sip at a time with no interruptions

I write this blogpost

I go out and have a nice breakfast/brunch with my hubby .. How nice is this- we will actually get the chance to talk and have adult conversation, wow what are going to talk about lol! Then we are going on a mini road trip and are heading off to LCBO to fill our wine cellar.  Let’s all be honest here, having a toddler requires a glass of wine here and there 🍷#cheerstothat

It’s just so much easier to go to that glass bottled filled place without a terrible two-er. Look mommy I can throw the bottle 😵. After that we are going to a movie- a matinee-is that what they call it? An early movie, no baby sitter required, daycare is $37 /day and is taking care of my angel. I haven’t been to a movie in a while, a little midday date will be nice and I won’t be falling asleep as I do when we go to an evening presentation 

So that’s it, just enjoying the little things today. Having adult conversation, getting important things done #winerun

Enjoying each other’s company as we used to BK

What do you guys do on a kid-free day?


Rosy P



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