Happy Father’s day

This week end marks a special holiday to celebrate the masculine gender of parenthood: Father’s Day.  

If you check the history on Father’s Day, it will show you that many times in the 19th century it was abolished and made a comeback quite a few times.  Believe it or not, Richard Nixon was the one that made it into a national holiday in 1972.  The gentlemen didn’t deem it necessary as Mother’s Day. It was brought back by merchants in attempt to make it commercial such as the Mother holiday. Gift shops commercialized traditional gifts such as ties, watches, dress shirts, etc.. Let’s face it, in this era; holidays are top sales for retailers. It’s all about the gifts, cards, even restaurants create special menus, brunches (with special prices 🙄) geared to attract the masses. It feels as though everyone is on autopilot about holidays. This bring me to ask myself if people understand and know what holidays are really about.  .  

Holidays are specially dedicated days in the yearly calendar that celebrate an occasion (with religious or civil roots) or a person or tradition.  Holidays that celebrate people such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be about that. The simple things in life: spending time together, enjoying each other’s company and making memories. 

It shouldn’t be about the gift, the food, the running around and pressure we put on ourselves.  

But wait, I’m getting off track; lets get back to Father’s Day 

This Father’s Day, I want my dad to know that I truly appreciate all the sacrifices he has made in his life to give my sister and I the best education, help, work ethic, values ever. The only thing I miss from my dad growing up is FaceTime. Not the FaceTime of this era, the real thing; since it was the workaholic 80’s, I didn’t see him that much for a certain period of my life. We get along fine, but we don’t have the closeness that I have with my mother. I always feel like something is missing., but I can not put my finger on it. Now that I am a parent I understand and feel how it is to be in my parents shoes.   And sympathies 100%. All that overtime was to make more money to give us the best future we deserved.  I would take a bullet for my daughter, this unconditional love is the strongest and most beautiful love I have ever experienced. It could move mountains #for real

On behalf of my daughter, since she cannot fully talk, I want to thank my husband for doing a great job. 

Having a daughter has completely changed him, made him even more of a hero. I am seeing a different side of him and I like it. I like to see the joy in her face when he gets down on the floor and pretends to be a horse or a bear or a pig. I like how amused she is when they play basketball or soccer in the house. I like when she follows him around the house and dances to hip hop with him.  All of these little moments are making souvenirs that are so simple, but pure and priceless.  

I also want to thank him for choosing to be a modern dad.  That’s right! Of course, he likes to kick back on the couch with a beer and watch sports; but he keeps me sane because he helps me so much around the house. Thank you, thank you for cooking dinner every night while you let me sit with baby girl while she eats her food. Thank you for running her bath to the perfect temperature everyday. It’s the little things that add up make me feel lucky to have you.  
I know, it’s hard when she is in a mommy only phase, but I could see all the love she has for you. She looks up to you so much. Please always make her a priority and give her your time instead of things. In the end, this is the only thing that matters to any little girls heart

Happy Father’s Day!

 Rosy P xx


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