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Happy First Bloganniversary The RosyPath


What happens when you find your passion? Here’s my story

First off, let me tell you it took me years and years to have this A-ha moment and when I did, suddenly everything became crystal clear, so clear that I didn’t understand how I missed it?

Starting in my early twenties, I tried a bunch of different programs in college, from Visual arts to Interior decorating to end up graduating in Fashion Marketing. Ever since little, I always knew I was artistic and my dream was to be a fashion designer in Haute couture house in Paris #goals

As reality set in, my choices became more “safe” in order to make it the industry.  Today, I am (kinda) doing what I wanted, but realized there is something big missing in my life.  To my sadness, I noticed that I had stopped drawing, painting, crafting and writing .  This is why…

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Take care momma

The other day I had a huge headache on the top of my head and it kind of freaked me out! 

I was later told that it is a bad tension headache because of all the tension I have in my neck from my shoulders to my back that numbs my arms to my pinky fingers. Whoa!! What is going on here!  

I then realized that my body can’t take it anymore! It is reacting physically to all my stress and tensions and emotions stored between my neck and shoulders;  it to mention all the toddler lifting I’ve been doing for the past 3 years. That’s it! I’m going to take action becasuse I am falling apart. So Back to basics I think to myself, what can I do to make me feel better? 🤔. You see lately these pains being physical and emotional have been making me grumpy pants and exausted and I feel bad for my family. Time to heal momma!

1. Need some calm in my life to quiet my mom-stop anxiety brain: Meditate. There are many free apps available with free guided mediation- and it works! I use OMG I can meditate try it! 5 minutes is all you need

2. I paint my toe nails with  Julep polish. They are 5 free polish and painting my toes is somehow therapeutic and relaxing for me. It allows me to focus on one thing and makes me feel pretty and happy 💅🏼They offer a monthly subscription box to treat yourself. 
3. I decide to start taking magnesium supplement again. It really helps with muscle tensions and spasms along with nerve pain, it helps your metabolism and has a relaxing effect for some. My therapist told me that the medication I take for my GERD depletes my magnesium. So here we go again, this should help. 

4. I treat myself to a 30 minute massage 💆 I specified my pains and my massage therapist targeted rose particularly. Although I am in pain tonight, I know in the long run this is a step closer to healing. I decided to go every week for a month until my problem areas are loosened up. 

All this is just the beginning of healing my tired body. Take good care of yourselves momma

Rosy P


Listen and learn 

After spending a nice evening with my husband’s européen family tonight, we came home and I made a comment that sparked something so big in him. All I said was I enjoyed spending time and hanging with his youngest sister. I felt that we had a lot in common. Anyone who would make such a mundane statement would just get a simple polite reply. Not me, oh no! In this case, it was followed by multiple questions: what do you mean? I don’t even know you? What do you have in common? And so on…

Well for starters, Since there is such a big age difference between us (13 years) I only got to really know her since I became a mother, as she has been working in a daycare while getting her education degree at university. She would help me with my daughter and we would chit chat and realize that we had more in common than we thought. I found that out of all the siblings (my husband included) we were more similar. We were more artistic and enjoyed literature and the arts, history and all things intellectual and spiritual. Both reserved and shy, we understood each other’s nature and are somewhat similar. 

I just found out she is going to Paris as a graduation trip and boy I wish I could join her. That has always been my dream! I’m am genuinely super happy for her and wish her well, instead the others are jealous. I don’t understand. She achieved so much by completing her degree and I applaud her. The only one out of four kids. 

Anyway, my other half is saying he doesn’t even know me that way, that I like arts and all. I told him I have been telling him for a decade that I want to go to a museum with him and I tell him about great books and architecture, that I am dyeing to go to Paris as if I belong there and either he never listened or it only registered because he feels a certain fear right now. His fear is his insecurity and there is not much I can do about it because that is his own inner work that needs attention. His fear could be that because we are such opposites that he can be replaced…now with his sister. 

“At first opposites attract, then opposites attack” Rick Warren

Stay true to yourselves,

Rosy Path

Let it go

When someone from your past comes back into your life randomly, it always make you pose certain questions. This person to me is not just a regular person, it is someone that has had enormous impact in my life, pretty much a catalyst for my soul awakening.  He probably doesn’t even know that he affected me to this level.

Meeting this person has made me question literally everything in my life even my own self. These types of people are sometimes called soulmates or karmic relationships; and they come into your life for either a reason, a season or a lifetime. Often once their work has been done, the universe finds a way for them to exit your life, whether it’s a break up, a move or a job change. The minute they leave, you will feel a big void, as if a part of you is missing. After a while, your inner work starts and this means mission accomplished #highfive universe. In my case, the work has been going in for almost 2 years, I have figured out so much about my self and what my soul wants. I am slowly becoming who I really am and have lost. I am exploring my inner artistic tendencies and writing. I have always liked writing. My intuition is so much stronger and what a great tool this is. I have done a lot of energetic work which really helped some healing. I am learning more about myself and healing everyday becoming the woman I am ment to be. So thank you Mister catalyst. Although, for a long time I was under the illusion of possibly this person being a soulmate to me, even though the timing was off; today I have decided to let this idea go. Let it go and just be and it feels so good! It’s freeing my mind and now I could focus on myself and give my 100% to my family. You see as an introvert, I tend to live in my head, and my husband doesn’t really “get me” because if this. I do not blame him and I do realize that although we are different, it is up to me and be in the present moment and include him in it. From now on, I will try to live in reality and not in my head. Another milestone for my growth

Take care of yourselves, Rosy P xx

Oh Deer!

Tonight I was leaving a Super Bowl party after Lady Gagas performance to put my overtired daughter to sleep; and there it was crossing the median of a remote highway amidst the big fluffy snowflakes…a deer…
It is the first time I really see a deer so close while I am driving; I cannot get this moment out of my mind. It is like time stopped, it was all slow motion stillness and beauty.  And then I realized I had just had an Oh deer moment. Have you ever had an oh deer moment?

Seeing the majestic, innocent deer in the dark of the night with only a subtle light of the opposite cars’ headlights reminded me to take time and enjoy the beauty of the moment.  This moment that seemed to stop time and flood me with thoughts of unconditional love as I showed my already passed out daughter. It made me realize that beauty is in the peace and love that I feel in my heart.  They say that when you see a deer on the side of the road, you are so transfixed by the stillness and beauty that this is the moment that angels get an in and you can speak to them to get answers.  

This breath taking occurance made me question the symbolism of the deer in my life.  The deer is a spirit animal that is associated with peace, protection and beauty.  In my case, with all the cross roads in my life right now, I see a deer crossing the road telling me that change is going to be ok.  It is a lucky omen that brings new paths and opportunities.  I am currently making efforts to help some changes happen in my life, let’s hope that this deer-sighting is a message from the universe to be open for newness coming to me.  

As I sit on my couch writing this, I feel a peaceful yet happy and invigorating energy in my chest.  This is my soul speaking and from past experience, this is telling me that I am on the right path.  

Good night dears 

Rosy P xx

Should I stay or should I go

Hello…it’s me

I’ve been wondering…about my path- it shall be rosy #butofcourse; however I am currently stuck at an intersection and it scares the 💩 out of me .

You see as mentioned previously sine maternity leave or my return from it- I have been on a crazy train of thoughts and thoughts (and anxiety because of these thoughts) I feel as though I am not in the right place.  I feel like I want/could/should be doing something more creative and because of big old buddy called FEAR , I am just not doing anything about it.

Change is scary, I feel as thought I could always say the right thing and quote all of these” change your life, follow your heart kind of things”, but right now; I am all talk no action and that is not me.  I am playing it safe; I am afraid…and I have a mortgage to pay for.

The other day, out of the blue and nowhere, somehow I saw this amazing DREAM job offer and my heart got so lit up, as if I had butterflies in my heart.  I thought to myself, this is what I have been waiting for and the butterflies feeling must be my soul’s way of saying this is it- follow this path and chase that dream.  the soul wants what the soul wants- but it is human nature- to think rationally with our head and then the doubt and fear start to kick in.  What if I am not good? What if it is the wrong choice? What if it leads to nothing and then i end up on un-employment?If we never take risks; we will never know, right?

It is a very creative job (a designer) and I believe it is a melting pot of all of my education, experiences and passion; I would be crazy to not even try.  What do I really have to lose; the worse that can happen is that I won’t get selected for an interview. AT least, I will have proven to myself, to trust my instinct and that I could fight my fears.  <<
that night, half excited and terrified, I go to bed asking the universe to just give me a sign if this is the right path for me.

The very next day, I leave work early as I have an appointment for a massage (yes, once in a while, I take time for me) and I hear a familiar voice as I get to this new place for the first time.  It is my energy coach/reiki healer.  Hmmm. what a coincidence- I think this is a synchronicity- because of all the healing she has done for me- she always reminds me to take care of myself and follow what my soul wants.  She reminds me to meditate and listen to my inner child and soul for the true answers.  Bumping into her; reminds me that I must follow my “creative path”.  Ok, and now sign #2 is quite obvious…<<
is morning, I go check my instagram @therosypath and guess who started following my account; the one and only company that is offering this dream job…hmmm…synchronicity much

Thank you universe, time to work on my cover letter…

And you, what do you do when you need to make a choice , a decision?

Do you rely on signs and synchronicities, trust your intuition, the universe?


Rosy P


An essential discovery for my anxiety

Hi gang, it’s been a little while and I am sorry for that. I haven’t been in such a good place…

I have been completely drained, full of anxiety therefore not really inspired.  You see, I write when I get a burst of creative juices. Something has to inspire me and I get a big hyper rush and then write or do anything else creative.  

Most of my creativity comes to me either in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep or on my morning commute to work. But then reality kicks in and it’s time to work, so goes my ideas out of the widow.  In order not to forgot these, I now keep a tiny notebook in my purse at all times. I put it on my desk in front of me and if an idea sparks, in the notebook book it goes.  This has been a saviour for me, anything goes from thoughts to writing down emotions when I feel overwhelmed, upset or anxious. Gift ideas,  business ideas or even lists.  

So to come back to anxiety, when I had a bad anxiety attack last month; I’m talking chest pains, flu like symptoms and being totally off. I had to do something. So I started guided 5-10 minutes meditations- this really does wonders. Please check out the app: Headspace, it is amazing!! 

I took an appointment with my energy coach to set me back on track, another life saviour, reiki really is my therapy.  But it took a while to get an appointment that worked for me and my insomnia was really getting to me, my husband was concerned and told one of his female colleague.  The next day, she brought him a little roll on glass bottle containing lavender and coconut oil- she wrote a note: for anxiety, rub behind neck and under feet.  

Hey, what do I have to lose, so I did it and WOW😮. I had the best sleep ever!!!! I remember when I was a teen and I would put lavender cream on my hands and take a whiff before dozing off, I guess I had anxiety back then too, but didn’t know it.  

First of all, lavender smells heavenly and it has so many virtues.  It is healing, relaxing and calming, aids sleep, it fights dandruff,  you can clean cuts, good for skin, eczema, rashes and burns, freshens linens and room, etc…This quickly became my go -to quick fix for a good sleep.. I would even bring it with me to work, if the stress became too much, take a sniff of lavender. 

This lavender experience really inspired me… I started looking into essential oils and realized that if you go this way, you will be relaxed, healthy and smell good #nobrainer.  What I noticed is that many oils help with with the mind, many have properties for positive thoughts, relaxing and soothing, clear the mind, help with focus, but most if all help anxiety. Mental health is invisible, so many people don’t pick up on it when there is an issue, but it is there and I do not want to take pills.  Another interesting thing about essential oils is that, you can use them to make anything from cleaning products to hand soap, body butters, soap or even candles.  This brings out the DIYer in me, hehehe…imagine making a product that you know what ingredients go in there, no chemicals, I like that. 

So as my husband asked me what I want for my upcoming birthday next month, #scorpiobaby

I tell him essential,oils and then he just looks at me..🤔. Are you sure? Yes

Really? You don’t want a piece of jewelry? Nope, I want precious essential oils.  We will all benefit from this and I want to try to make some combinations for different ailments, one being your snoring lol! 

Until next time, 

Rosy P


A BK kind of day

Stop the car….quick.  We are having a guilt-free toddler -free day today and I am so excited! A whole day of us only kid free #Canigetawootwoot 🙌🏻🙌🏻

My husband and I decided to take a couple days off since we have not taken a summer family vacation. We went away to Cuba with our little in the spring and that was great, but it’s nice to have a few days in the summer as well. Yesterday, we took our little one to the Eco-museum which was fun, my daughter had a blast and it was just enough walking/animal sight seeing for a 2 years old.  Then we visited my parents and she had a blast. But today, off to daycare you go, mommy and daddy are having a real day off lol! No running after you, cleaning up behind you, no food being thrown on the floor, no toys to trip over, etc #ahhh

This is such a teaser that brings me back to life BK #beforekids. Isn’t nice to not have to think of someone else first, just me, myself and my husband. (It’s not a total day off because he’s still around lol 😜) but I will, take it!

And guilt free, we as parents all need, require and deserve a kid free day once in a while. There are so many article out lately promoting self care.  It’s not always easy, but having a  break helps to keep you sane and you are in a better mental shape after. Being a mother is an extremely demanding job emotionally and physically, with no breaks, no sleep for some #ifeelyou and no pay; but the reward is so good that it gives you amnesia about all the hardships when you get that hug or kiss or when you feel so proud that they learned something you taught them #bestjobever

Anyway, let’s come back to having a selfish/kid free day. So what am I doing today?

Sleeping in, haha! Are you crazy #notuntilsheisten. As soon as I drop her off at daycare, I come home and make myself a big cup of freshly brewed coffee and savour it slowly, one sip at a time with no interruptions

I write this blogpost

I go out and have a nice breakfast/brunch with my hubby .. How nice is this- we will actually get the chance to talk and have adult conversation, wow what are going to talk about lol! Then we are going on a mini road trip and are heading off to LCBO to fill our wine cellar.  Let’s all be honest here, having a toddler requires a glass of wine here and there 🍷#cheerstothat

It’s just so much easier to go to that glass bottled filled place without a terrible two-er. Look mommy I can throw the bottle 😵. After that we are going to a movie- a matinee-is that what they call it? An early movie, no baby sitter required, daycare is $37 /day and is taking care of my angel. I haven’t been to a movie in a while, a little midday date will be nice and I won’t be falling asleep as I do when we go to an evening presentation 

So that’s it, just enjoying the little things today. Having adult conversation, getting important things done #winerun

Enjoying each other’s company as we used to BK

What do you guys do on a kid-free day?


Rosy P


Super easy pasta veggie salad

Hey there! Today is a lazy Sunday and as I am feeding my toddler her lunch I am wondering how I could offer her more of a variety of veggies in a fun way.  I also need To up my veggie intake #leadbyexample 😁. So once she throws the rest of her food and says down and play. I open the fridge and realize that I have bits of everything #goodstart. So I also have tons of pasta in the pantry  and did I mention I’m feeling lazy today? 

💡Pasta Primavera #imsofancy. 

You can use any type of pasta you have on hand except long noodles-since it’s more of a pasta salad really, I used 3 cups pasta that’s what was left in my bow tie pasta box- that’s also my favourite pasta because it’s pretty and the flavour goes in the creases for a little extra umph 

And any veggie you have lying around

So I had in the fridge a bit of all of these: zucchini, broccoli, celery, grape tomatoes and baby cucumbers

So all you have to do is boil some water and cook pasta following the instructed time and while that’s happening

Wash and chop chop your veggies, put aside

Prepare the dressing, in this case, I made my go-to homemade one that I always make: ratio x3:

-1  tbsp on olive oil

-1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

-1/2 tbsp clubhouse salad herb mix

Put in a small mason jar with lid and shake shake shake
Once the pasta is ready , I threw in the zucchini and broccoli a bit to blanch them.  Then I drained the pasta and those veggies in the colander and gave them a few swirls with spoon to give the veggies a little extra heat. 

Rinse with cold water to stop the cooking and help cool down 

Transfer to a large mixing bowl and add the rest of the veggies and dressing. Mix and let cool like 10 minutes 

Them serve and enjoy! I added a bit of Parmesan to my bowl for extra flavour. It was delicious!

There you go something new for miss terrible twos to try and/or lunch for the week! It’s a win no matter what!

Do you guys have any super easy go-to recipes that are toddler approved?

Rosy P xx

Happy Father’s day

This week end marks a special holiday to celebrate the masculine gender of parenthood: Father’s Day.  

If you check the history on Father’s Day, it will show you that many times in the 19th century it was abolished and made a comeback quite a few times.  Believe it or not, Richard Nixon was the one that made it into a national holiday in 1972.  The gentlemen didn’t deem it necessary as Mother’s Day. It was brought back by merchants in attempt to make it commercial such as the Mother holiday. Gift shops commercialized traditional gifts such as ties, watches, dress shirts, etc.. Let’s face it, in this era; holidays are top sales for retailers. It’s all about the gifts, cards, even restaurants create special menus, brunches (with special prices 🙄) geared to attract the masses. It feels as though everyone is on autopilot about holidays. This bring me to ask myself if people understand and know what holidays are really about.  .  

Holidays are specially dedicated days in the yearly calendar that celebrate an occasion (with religious or civil roots) or a person or tradition.  Holidays that celebrate people such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be about that. The simple things in life: spending time together, enjoying each other’s company and making memories. 

It shouldn’t be about the gift, the food, the running around and pressure we put on ourselves.  

But wait, I’m getting off track; lets get back to Father’s Day 

This Father’s Day, I want my dad to know that I truly appreciate all the sacrifices he has made in his life to give my sister and I the best education, help, work ethic, values ever. The only thing I miss from my dad growing up is FaceTime. Not the FaceTime of this era, the real thing; since it was the workaholic 80’s, I didn’t see him that much for a certain period of my life. We get along fine, but we don’t have the closeness that I have with my mother. I always feel like something is missing., but I can not put my finger on it. Now that I am a parent I understand and feel how it is to be in my parents shoes.   And sympathies 100%. All that overtime was to make more money to give us the best future we deserved.  I would take a bullet for my daughter, this unconditional love is the strongest and most beautiful love I have ever experienced. It could move mountains #for real

On behalf of my daughter, since she cannot fully talk, I want to thank my husband for doing a great job. 

Having a daughter has completely changed him, made him even more of a hero. I am seeing a different side of him and I like it. I like to see the joy in her face when he gets down on the floor and pretends to be a horse or a bear or a pig. I like how amused she is when they play basketball or soccer in the house. I like when she follows him around the house and dances to hip hop with him.  All of these little moments are making souvenirs that are so simple, but pure and priceless.  

I also want to thank him for choosing to be a modern dad.  That’s right! Of course, he likes to kick back on the couch with a beer and watch sports; but he keeps me sane because he helps me so much around the house. Thank you, thank you for cooking dinner every night while you let me sit with baby girl while she eats her food. Thank you for running her bath to the perfect temperature everyday. It’s the little things that add up make me feel lucky to have you.  
I know, it’s hard when she is in a mommy only phase, but I could see all the love she has for you. She looks up to you so much. Please always make her a priority and give her your time instead of things. In the end, this is the only thing that matters to any little girls heart

Happy Father’s Day!

 Rosy P xx